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"Case File 539" is the debut full length album from F.I.L.T.H. Recorded in 2019 by Austin Hull of Make Pop Music and released in February of 2020, Case File 539 is the most diverse project that F.I.L.T.H has written to date. For fans of hard hitting, driving radio rock, the songs Get Up and I'm Drowning will keep you satisfied (and may cause you to get a speeding ticket). For fans of heavier music, the brutality of opening track Piquerism, St. Ignatius, and Ubermensch will open up any pit. This Glorious Darkness is a love song that provides more melody than any F.I.L.T.H song ever has, and Like You Hate Me is a babymaker, as well as the Post Malone cover of "Rockstar". Finally, the name of the album refers to the personal struggles with mental health and existential dread that are referenced throughout the album, which is accentuated by the song Nothing For All (Hopeless), a stark look at a suicidal mind that fights to hold onto whatever hope they can. No matter what style of rock and metal you are into, this album will deliver on all fronts!

An Ode to Decay: The Armageddon Strain

"An Ode to Decay: The Armageddon Strain" was recorded in 2015 at 8 Arms Audio in Winter Park, FL. Though not originally conceived as any concept album, during the writing process, we noticed that, if the songs were played in a certain order, it started off very positive and hopeful before degrading into an absolutely hopeless pit of self-destruction. 

The Intro of the album is a slowed down, mournful, almost reflective take on the chorus of "The Armageddon Strain", the last song on the album, almost like a narrator briefly introducing what has happened to the world before beginning the story and showing the decay. Songs like "Timebomb" and "Anthem for the Rejects" are both lyrically and musically brighter, having a certain bouncy energy and generally hopeful lyrics about rising to the top and rebuilding the world to its rightful place. "Disconnected" is critical of our technologically addicted society, but maintains, musically, the upbeat, bouncy, and danceable tone that the album started with. 

Once we reach "Affluenza", a song about the crimes that the wealthy are able to get away, consequence free, we begin to hear the darker, more evil sounding tones, along with darker lyrics, as the lyrical content writes from the perspective of the monsters who commit their atrocities, whether that be the wealthy in "Affluenza" or the rapists and manipulators of "Cannibal Priest". 

By the end of the album, we have come full circle with "The Armageddon Strain". The song is at times dark and oppressive, describing the end of the world and the ultimate decay of mankind's machinations, while at other times the song is mournful, remembering the beginning of the end.

Alarm Clock

Written as a special acoustic single by Freddie and Eric, Alarm Clock is a simple song about the feeling you get when your alarm clock becomes your greatest enemy. When depression strikes, sometimes getting out of bed becomes a monumental task. You become jealous of those who can move quickly and seem to smile so easily, so carefree.  If this is a feeling you can relate to, this is the song for you.

Originally by LMFAO, F.I.L.T.H decided to take their song "Shots" and make it our own! We like to party, we like to get crazy, and also, as you'll be able to tell from the song, we enjoy making pro-wrestling references! If you are looking for a more metal version of a true club banger, this is your song!


Recorded at both Screamhouse Media and Evermore Studios in 2012 and 2013, F.I.L.T.H's first self titled EP represents the early stages in the evolution of the F.I.L.T.H sound. Songs like "Criminal" have the upbeat, bouncy, and danceable hard rock qualities that get the people moving, while songs like "Soft" have the more melodic metalcore aspects that would be furthered with songs like "Anthem for the Rejects" in the next album. Songs like Dirty have that darker edge to them, while still maintaining a certain party vibe, revelling in the joys of being filthy. Finally, the closing track of the album, "The Quiet Song" is an emotional roller coaster of metal, industrial, and hard rock, culminating the various sounds that make up F.I.L.T.H. Interspersed between the songs are little sound clips that give the album a further industrial edge, and even moments of goofiness (make sure to listen to "Dirty" in its entirety).

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